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NCAA: Divest From Campuses Requesting Discriminatory Religious Title IX Waivers


Led by Campus Pride and Soulforce, a coalition of over 70 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ), sports, religious and youth advocacy groups have signed on to a letter calling on NCAA to divest from all religious-based institutions who have made Title IX requests to discriminate against LGBTQ youth.  The NCAA has long held as core values a commitment to […]

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One Wheaton: Wedding at Cana

Wedding at Cana

Wheaton College, in Wheaton, Illinois, has been in the press quite a bit lately due to the controversy surrounding Larycia Hawkins.  Hawkins came under fire when she wore a hijab to express solidarity with Muslim Women.  Wheaton officials insist that it is not the hijab at issue, but rather statements made in solidarity with Muslims.   Now, the the first black female […]

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LGBT Asylum Group Expands Scope & Changes Name

LGBT Freedom Asylum Network

A recent Associated Press story reveals LGBT people from around the world are seeking asylum in the United States in growing numbers. For example, asylum seekers from Russia are up 34%; many are LGBT persons fearing for their lives.  The diversity of groups supporting LGBT asylum seekers is also growing. To reflect this reality, the LGBT Faith and Asylum Network […]

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