The New Normal: President Donald Trump & the LGBT Community

The reality is sinking in that Donald Trump will be President of the United States.
Trump has scapegoated immigrants, refugees, and Muslims to name.  He wants to put people in the Supreme Court that would take away our rights to marriage.  As I struggle to accept these results, here are some of my initial thoughts on how we move #ForwardTogether and the issues we should be thinking about in the days and months ahead.
1. If history is any indication, there will be an increase in hate crimes. Following our first African American President, we will have the first President in decades endorsed by the KKK. People who harbor hate in their hearts are feeling validated tonight, and will no doubt be emboldened in the days and months ahead. And we should prepare ourselves for it and look out for each other.  To learn more read this article on 10 Hate Crimes Inspired by Donald Trump.
2. Elections like this have an impact on our mental health.  We all want to be full and equal citizens of this Country, but much of the country voted for an agenda tonight that devalues Latinos, LGBT people, Muslims, and others.  For some in the LGBT community, our own family members voted for an agenda that counts us as less than fully human. It’s normal for that to hurt, And we should expect folks to feel hopeless, to feel lost, and even to experience depression. We’ve seen this in places where marriage rights were reversed or voted down.  “According to a quantitative study with more than 1,500 lesbian, gay, and bisexual participants, living in a U.S. State where same-sex marriage is outlawed was directly related to chronic social stress and psychological problems, and not due to pre-existing mental health issues or other factors.” (read the fact sheet here).  We all should be checking in with our friends this week and making sure they are ok.
3. Federal Advocacy Requires New Approaches and Adjusted Expectations.   While many of us were thinking about what could be accomplished in Hillary Clinton’s first 100 days, we are all going to have to adjust to this new reality.  With Republican control of the House and Senate, advancing federal non-discrimination legislation is unlikely, and in many ways we will be shifting from offense to defense.   Trump may have the opportunity to nominate multiple candidates to the Supreme Court and has promised to nominate candidates that will roll black equal marriage rights for same-sex couples.  
4. State Advocacy Moves to the Front and Center.  Passing legislation at the state level is a more realistic goal for the next few years.  Advancing SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) non-discrimination laws in housing, employment, and public accommodation is crucial and may just be achievable in some states.  North Carolina anti-LGBT Governor McCrory who signed anti trans ‘bathroom bill’ was voted out of office and will be by Democrat Roy Cooper. (read the HRC statement on the North Carolina Elections).  Freedom for All Americans is one organization already working hard at the state level.  State based organizations to look out for are Florida Competes, Georgia Unites, Freedom Indiana, Tennessee Equality Project, and Equality Pennsylvania.
5. Standing by our Allies is Now More Important than Ever.  We’ve witnessed a campaign build on divisiveness.   One important principal from the Clinton/Kaine campaign to carry with us starting tomorrow is that we are indeed Stronger Together.   Standing with immigrants, refugees, the Latinx community, Muslims, and other communities threatened by a Trump Presicency will indeed make us stronger.
How do you think we move #ForwardTogether?  Add your thoughts in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “The New Normal: President Donald Trump & the LGBT Community

  1. First of all I feel for Hillary. I truest did not vote for trump. All I have to say this USA better get ready to really fall apart. Now I will believe there will be a WW3. Not only that just think of will come our way. It isn’t good. They say money is the root to eveil. Their you have it that’s trump. You all better watch your backs and not trust anyone. God be with you.

  2. I also feel the most for Hillary who worked her heart out in this campaign. It will take time for Trump/Pence to get everything in place to undo the marriage act. We need to encourage our elected democrats to fight as hard as they can to protect our rights while we are electing local and state officials who support us. We need to be vocal and visible. Let’s live the Stronger Together slogan so that we are ready four years from now.

  3. the colon wars have begun but Hillary did win the national vote we can hold that dear to our heart and get ready for a bad hay ride for four years we will stay united hate has trumped equality we had 8 years of hope and now the bitter taste of hate bigotry and racism has taken control of the nation wish we could step off this hay ride and wait for the control freaks to implode

  4. I am deeply saddened and disappointed by this election result. That said, I think now more than ever people need to pull together and support and protect one another…especially in the gay community and other communities where minorities are at risk. I am hopeful in the fact that America has demonstrated in the past, a great ability to overcome adversity and trials where civil rights are concerned. I just hope that the people of this country do not allow for an American Holocaust to take place. I draw strength and inspiration from the words of Ellen Degeneres in her motto in Finding Dory “Just keep swimming” and I think as a country that is what we need to do now and I would add, not only do we need to “keep swimming” we need to “keep hoping.” God bless America.

  5. I truly fear for our children and grand children our women and all our minorities. I agree the worse is ahead of us and yet to come. This is a dark day for America. It is a dark day even for Trumps disenfranchised followers who TRUMP will never help. He used them and recruited them but on a minimum wage he refuses to raise on job training he will never create and on jobs he kelps exporting as he does with his own businesses he has just used them and truthfully hates them.

  6. I am crying. I am shaking and crying and so afraid. Thank you Hillary Clinton, for all you have done. Thank you to everyone who supported her. We must still stand up for what is right. So off we go into a dark future armed and ready for battle. Again.

  7. I am very let down by the American people . As a believer I’ve always been taught division ,strife ,and hate is of the enemy . Donald Trump is a man of little character .
    I person that is arises as well as white Supremacy nationalist. Very obvious he does not respect women . Trump will lean toward dictatorship . Could very well lead us toward WW111
    Most young American people do not realize the consequences of this newly elected president .
    It is very very scary thought of what this planet and strong look like when we are ignore climate control and government regulations on manufacturers .
    What will this planet look like that we are expecting to give to our children and grandchildren . May God have mercy on us !!!

  8. As Tim Kaine said “He may have knocked us down, but he hasn’t whooped us”. Secretary Clinton show the American people this a.m. What a real President looks and sounds like. Even in her darkest hour, she kept her calm, grace and elegantly accepted defeat. What she also did was to give us hope. Hope that when we are stronger together we will move forward together and not back. While most everyone (who voted for Clinton) invested some part of themselves in wanting Secretary Clinton elected President, its heart breaking to know that we as a community (LGBTQ) we’ll have to once again come together to ensure our rights don’t get taken away. We all must watch out for our brothers and sisters going forward. I never thought I’d be able to marry the live of my life ever. After 26 years together we were able to do that because WE FOUGHT for it. Equally means just that Equality FOR ALL.

    God bless these United States and God bless Secretary Clinton and the thousands who worked so hard to break that glass ceiling.

  9. I am very disappointed that Trump will be our next president carrying the GOP agenda of discrimination against tax paying American citizens. Since religion is not supposed to be the deciding factor in making laws, there is no reason at all why every single citizen in this country shouldn’t enjoy having the same rights. People are people first. It shouldn’t matter who someone loves and wants to marry. We need to keep religion out of our government so that the religious beliefs of a few aren’t determining our laws, who can have rights and who can not. These are human issues, not religious issues.

  10. Thanks, David. There is hope and we need to stand together and be united as a community. Those of that minoritized, oppressed, marginalized whatever…we stand together.

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