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Anti-Trans Discrimination in Retail Stores

Room for Change

A new report published by the Equal Rights Center takes a closer look at the discrimination transgender women face in retail stores.   The pilot project was conducted in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.  Utilizing ‘secret shoppers’, or ‘testers’, the study compared the experiences of transgender women and cisgender women.   Some of these tester pairs were African American and some of […]

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What We Know: LGBT Youth & Family Acceptance

LGBT Youth & Family Acceptance

The What We Know Project at Columbia Law School has released a new research analysis on what scholarly research says about the link between family acceptance and LGBT youth wellbeing.  Family rejection, and the fear of family rejection, has always been a major concern for LGBT Youth, particularly transgender and gender non-conforming youth.   And it’s a valid concern considering that in the […]

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Gender and Sexuality Awareness Flags

Gender and Sexuality Flags

Here is a quick guide to some of the most common flags used in the LGBT community (and beyond) to describe gender and/or sexuality related identities.  While definitions are provided for reference, please know definitions of many of these terms are evolving and changing all the time.  I encourage you to explore these identities further to learn more. Asexual Pride […]

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LGBTQ Prisoner Survey Underscores How We Are Failing LGBT Youth in America

Concrete Closet

A new report by Black and Pink gives us a better picture of the lived experiences of LGBTQ people in prison.  Close to 1,200 prisoners were surveyed in 2014. Download the Executive Summary and Recommendations Download the Entire Report Here  While some of the recommendations in the report stretch the limits of imagination (such as eliminating the criminal justice system […]

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