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Follow Friday: Bisexual Activists

Bisexual Activists

In honor of #BiWeek, this #FollowFriday features eight amazing bisexual activists you should be following on twitter. Heron Greenesmith Heron Greenesmith is a policy attorney and researcher for LGBT folks, and an advocate for bi-visibility. Heron is currently a senior policy analyst at the Movement Advancement Project.  They have written about employment discrimination and the legal invisibility of bisexuality. […]

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The Disparities Facing Bisexual People and How to Remedy Them

The Disparities Facing Bisexual People and How to Fix them

Despite making up more than half of the lesbian, gay, and bisexual population, bisexual people are often overlooked and invisible. Bisexual people are frequently assumed to be gay, lesbian, or heterosexual based on the gender of their partner. Yet when bisexual people are open about their sexuality, they face increased levels of violence from intimate partners; rejection by community, family, and […]

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