Seattle Aces

Seattle Aces Meetings at Gay City

Seattle Aces, the asexuality meetup group for the Greater Seattle area, meets regularly at Seattles LGBTQ Center, Gay City.   The ...
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Asexual Students

From GLSEN: 10 Ways Educators Can Support Asexual Students

For many GSAs and school communities, the topic of asexuality is either unseen, unheard, or not present. Whether or not ...
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Asexual Resource

Asexual Information & Resources

An asexual person is someone who experiences either no desire to have sex or in some cases a very low ...
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Gender and Sexuality Flags

Gender and Sexuality Awareness Flags

Here is a quick guide to some of the most common flags used in the LGBT community (and beyond) to ...
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An asexual person (Ace) does not experience sexual attraction. Research suggests that approximately one percent of the population is asexual. Others exist in the spectrum between asexuality and non-asexuality. Asexuals are of course able to have complete lives and meaningful relationships. Some asexual individuals may have romantic relationships and others do not. As with any sexual orientation, asexuality is not defined by behavior; so abstaining from sex does not make someone asexual. Similarly, having sex for whatever reason does not invalidate someone’s core identity as asexual. To learn more follow Asexual Resource on facebook ( or twitter (