My Secret App Secrets

My Secret App Secrets

The app secret is officially dead, and for good reason.   It has been fading away slowly for some time now, as people realize exposing each other’s secrets is not as fun as it first seems.  In honor of it’s demise, however, I would like to share a few of secrets of my own

  • I once went to trader joes and purchased a package of pre hard boiled eggs and a tub of ready-made hollandaise sauce. What happened next is not something I am proud of.
  • In my itunes collection I own the Glee version of the Justin Bieber song “somebody to love”
  • I have a purple satin sleep mask. It helps me sleep at night, and it smells nice.
  • I would much rather have a bud light lime-a-rita than the craft beer you drink.
  • Last night I played the game RISK online and took great pleasure in defeating a high school student from Lincoln Nebraska.

This is me. Deal with it.

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