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Talking about Suicide and LGBT Populations

Center for American Progress: Talking about Suicide and LGBT Youth

In the past few years we’ve seen more awareness in our community about suicide and LGBT populations, especially LGBT Youth.   Studies like the Youth Risk Behavior Survey -when LGBT data is collected by some states at the local level –  have consistently shown that LGBT Youth are at higher risk for ‘suicidal ideation’ (suicidal thoughts).  This is largely due to minority stress which […]

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Strict Voter ID Laws Impose Added Costs for Transgender Voters

Transgender Voting Rights

Transgender people may experience barriers to voting at the polls in states with strict voter identification laws if there are inconsistencies between their ID, voter registration information, and appearance, according to a new report by Taylor N.T. Brown, Policy Analyst, and Jody Herman, Scholar of Public Policy, from the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law. To help ensure the ability to vote […]

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NCAA: Divest From Campuses Requesting Discriminatory Religious Title IX Waivers


Led by Campus Pride and Soulforce, a coalition of over 70 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ), sports, religious and youth advocacy groups have signed on to a letter calling on NCAA to divest from all religious-based institutions who have made Title IX requests to discriminate against LGBTQ youth.  The NCAA has long held as core values a commitment to […]

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